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What Does An Average Roof Cost In Indianapolis?

According to the well respected 2022 Cost vs. Value Report ( that takes project costs from metropolitan areas and regions, Indianapolis area residents pay on average $27,260 for a 30 square (3,000 sq. ft.) roofing system.


A 30 square roof is the average size for most of the residential homeowners we deal with here at Hercules Homes as well so it is a great comparison! This makes the average cost per square just over $900 with 70% of those costs being recouped. Luckily for Indianapolis area homeowners, according to the data they have acquired from across the country, we are $4,000 below the national and regional average.


Hercules Homes runs a very streamline operation with very limited overhead and we can afford to price very aggressively because of that. Most of our roofing estimates for this same size roof fall around $500-650/sq. depending on complexity of the roof and materials chosen by you, the homeowner. If you are seeing prices lower than this from competitors you have to begin to ask, "Where are they cutting corners?"


It's not worth saving $500 or $1,000, in our opinion, if your roof has to be redone twice in the same amount of time you would only need one Hercules roof! Let's face it, it's expensive to buy cheap.

Check out our estimated cost for your roof in seconds below and we will be reaching out to you with a final estimate that should be very close to the projected costs!

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