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Top Rated Concrete and Roofing 
Contractor in Indianapolis


"We save you money and headaches by doing your project right the first time!"


Concrete and Outdoor Living Space Experts

Hercules Homes is known for our quality Roofing and Concrete. We refuse to cut corners in any aspect of our home improvement projects. It goes against what we stand for. Everything we install at your home whether it be on your roof, driveway, patio or anywhere else is just as we would install it on our own homes.


Hercules Homes has partnered with many manufacturers, financial institutions and distributors such as Atlas Roofing, ABC Supply, Sunlight Financial among many others and we have access to any color and style you could ever dream of for your home improvement projects!


Making your home look amazing is so important to us at Hercules Homes, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail in making sure that your roof or concrete project is installed correctly.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof isn't an exciting purchase but it is a neccasary one. It protects the largest purchase and investment you will most likely make in your lifetime. When you trust Hercules Homes, the #1 rated roof installer in Indianapolis, with your roof replacement, you are getting the best customer service, products and installation money can buy! 

Our Satisfied Clients Say:


"It is always difficult to make a huge decision like a new roof but Justin and Matt made it super simple. They went out of their way to get the color of shingles we wanted. They guaranteed the service, materials and laborers who were top notch. Professionalism, on time and the clean up was fantastic. So glad we chose Hercules Homes for our project. They really knocked it out!"

- Alvin Walker

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 10.53.27 PM.png

Hercules Homes built our new stamped concrete patio, worked with the landscapers on overhauling our beds and installed exterior lighting. Every aspect of the project far exceeded our expectations! Great pricing, thorough communication and gorgeous end product! We couldn't be happier and recommend them to everyone! We will definitely be using them for all future home projects!

- Kelly Brock

Why Homeowners Trust Us

Selecting a contractor for any project, especially a roof replacement or concrete outdoor living space, is a major decision here is why our customers choose us to work with:

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Insured, Licensed, Bonded

Do you know if the contractor you're thinking of using on your next project has your best interests in mind? You should probably check and make sure you and your property are protected because accidents unfortunately do happen!

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 6.52.01 AM.png


It's not easy to find someone who does the simple things well. Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it. It sounds simple but seems to be something that is lost in todays society. We help our clients win by doing the small things right!

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Most people get stressed out when someone is in and out of their property day after day. Almost all of our concrete and roofing projects are completed in one day getting you back to your normal home life as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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